Agent Responsibilities

Photo or Video: Property Should Be Presentation Ready
Please make sure that the property is clean and clutter free prior to setting a video or photography appointment. The appointment should not conflict with workmen inside or outside who might introduce unwanted visuals (tools, vehicles) or noise. If the property is not presentable, and we must leave and return at another time, then we must charge a return trip fee.

Video Service: Want Your Video to Promote You and Your Firm?
Prepare Your On-Screen Video Introduction & Closing

For the branded version of the video you may want to introduce yourself and your firm with brief welcoming and closing statements including your name and agency as well as the address of the listed property.

Video Service: Want Your Video to Inform Viewers?
Prepare Your Video Narrative Voiceover.

As an option to make your video more informative to viewers, you may want to prepare a written property description (script) that you can read and then record on site (voice recording only). The voice narrative from your script should emphasize the key features of the home (inside and outside) that you want to highlight in the video. An appropriate duration for the narrative would be in the range of 1-3 minutes depending on the size of the property and should include 1-2 sentences about each room that you want to feature. There are examples on our website. Scripts must be prepared before the day of the appointment.

Video Service: We Can Record Your Script/Narrative.
If you do NOT wish to appear on camera or read the narrative of the video, then you may choose to submit a script to us by e-mail and we will record the narrative for you. We offer your choice of a male or female voice. There is a $60 additional fee for this option.

Weather Policy

We will contact you by phone or by e-mail several hours in advance if we think the appointment should be changed or cancelled due to weather. Cloudy days are often ideal for filming, as the light is more even. We can easily work around occasional showers. Cloudy conditions do not hinder the quality of our photography.

Delivery Expectations - Photos

Our goal is to deliver photographs by the end of the next day. We email a link to our clients for downloading their photographs. All photos are automatically downloaded to a folder with the name of the address of the property. The downloaded images would typically be found in the "downloads" folder on your computer. If on a PC, right-click the ZIP file and select "Extract All".

Delivery Expectations - Video

Our goal is to deliver the videos within 3-5 business days. We send you a link to watch and download your video. If we record the voice narrative for you, this may add an additional 1-2 days to your estimated delivery date.

Payment Policy

Payment is due upon delivery. We will send an invoice following the appointment. Payments can be made by mailing a check to our office, or over the phone or online using a credit card.

Return Trip Charge

If we are asked to return to the same property address to perform additional work then there is an additional trip charge. Return trip fees also apply when it is necessary to make multiple trips for the job.

Travel Time & Mileage Charges

There are no travel fees or mileage charges for local projects (within 30 miles). Beyond 30 miles, a travel fee is applied at the rate of $1.50 per mile (one way), and is for both crew time and mileage.

One Trip Business Model

We set a high quality standard for our video and photography services, but there are practical limitations regarding the amount of work that can be dedicated to filming, recording, and editing at the price point offered. At current prices, we must complete filming on a single visit and edit the video only once. While filming the property can typically be completed in one to two hours, the post-production work required to create a finished and polished product will take longer. A request to make even a minor revision to a video edit can require significant additional editing time. Consequently, an additional fee of $60 will be charged when clients request a change (revision) to the video. We will, of course, correct our errors as needed. There would be a charge to correct information that was incorrectly conveyed to us. 

On-Site Work Environment

We have significant experience and a variety of specialty tools to handle a range of issues that arise when recording outside the studio at property sites, but it is important for clients to understand that conditions in a live environment are less than ideal. The sun may not be positioned ideally for all shots. There may be some unwanted outdoor and indoor noises that could be picked up in our recording of your video narrative. Outdoors there might be noise from a nearby road, the sound of a lawnmower in the distance, or other uncontrollable sounds. Indoors there may be a mild echo in some rooms or the hum of heating or air-conditioning units. Our team seeks to minimize these issues, but we are not able to replicate studio conditions at a property site.